Quarterly Investment Briefing

The Quarterly Investment Briefing is an event which brings investors and enablers of investment (lawyers, accountants etc.) together to network, share and learn. The event is a great opportunity to find out more about the investment ecosystem locally. Each event includes a rundown of who is investing, an update on the latest investment news and lightning speakers related to our event theme. Sign up to the newsletter for all the latest investment news.

23rd March – Investment funds
17th June – Angel investment
23rd September – People powered investment
6th December – Annual review

Silicon Gorge Investor Showcase

Twice a year we also run our Silicon Gorge Investor Showcase where at each event 10-12 of the best startups and scaleups in the region looking for between £100k – £2m in investment will pitch to a room of investors and enablers. These events run in April and November, contact us if you’re like to know more.

Other ways you can engage with the region

There are a number of investors physically located in the region. These include Bristol Private Equity Club, Dorset Business Angels and Maven Capital Partners. Recently we have seen a couple of new investment funds launched in the region – Science Creates Ventures and Newable with BPEC. However, with close proximity to London and the Golden Triangle, we’re keen to welcome more investors to the region, even just for a few hours or days.

Venture capitalists from London and overseas are being more and more creative in how they engage with local founders – whether bringing their whole team to join the SPARKIEs (TechSPARK’s annual tech awards), relocating a team member for a few months, or running sessions for our startups via incubators. Why don’t you get involved this year?

You might also like to check out the investment ecosystem locally to discover the angel groups that are active in the South West.

Sending an analyst to live here and get to know the key people for 3 months
Bring your team to enjoy the SPARKies
Open a local office
Start a new angel syndicate or group
Attend or host dinners to talk about investment and meet founders
Become an investor in residence at Engine Shed
Attend our Quarterly Investment Briefing & Silicon Gorge Investor Showcase
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The Investment Activator Programme (IAP) supports companies and investors to increase the flow of equity investment in the South West.